Saturday, 24 January 2009

The Tempest

PR is not my strongest point, and nor are our humble efforts automatically guaranteed press coverage of any kind. So it's fantastic when one of the big players gives us the time of day, let alone the oxygen of publicity.

So hats off to Forbidden Planet International, always a friend of MFB, for publishing their review of Walking Wounded this week.

Particular thanks are due to Richard Bruton, who agreed to take a look at the comics and who added some further comments about the WW platoon's printed adventures on his own blog.

It's testament to the influence of the FPI blog that two of my friends independently noticed this article go up on the day it appeared.

To cap it all, yesterday I received a cheque from FPI in payment for the sales of Walking Wounded #1 through their website.

This is the first time a third party has ever actually paid me for comics they've sold on our behalf. There are three other third parties that probably should have given me some money by now and haven't, so it was maybe more of a surprise than it should have been and just emphasizes what a classy outfit Forbidden Planet are.

In fact, you should probably go and buy something from them right now :)

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