Saturday, 14 July 2012

Going Digital

Someone raised the subject of digital small press comics in this thread on the new and excellent Small Press Comics forum.

I was basically against the idea, as I pretty much hate reading comics from a screen and I have severe doubts about whether I would ever see any revenue from this medium. Still the enthusiasm of others, and the inevitable march of progress, has sort of convinced me this is a game we need to be in.

Therefore, please consider this a toe in the water:

It's a downloadable PDF file of Walking Wounded: The House That Dripped War. This isn't exactly new as they has been a web version of the comic available on the main Massacre site for a while now. Still, if the availability in this new format encourages anyone new to read the publication (which I count amongst our finest) then I may experience a Damascan conversion.

If you do have a strong desire to read other Massacre For Boys publications in this way please do get in touch.

Paper sales of the Action Special have been gratifyingly strong, I am happy to report, so the traditional format is not going away. Speaking of the Action Special, be sure to check out David Frankum's "Massacre Memoirs", detailing his experiences of working on that very comic. It's a worthwhile read!