Sunday, 9 November 2008

Plague of the Zombies

A double whammy of shuffling undead action this week.

The inestimably talented Paul Harrison-Davies has contributed the following Nazi Zombie pinup to Massacre For Boys In Colour #1:

Walking Wounded Nazi Zombie

I love Paul's work (check out MY robot! on his ComicSpace page) and am personally thrilled that he has contributed to our title. The pin-up is intended to trail the return of the Nazi Zombies to the pages of Walking Wounded in WW#4. If it wasn't for the lack of aforementioned zombies in MFBIC#1 then this would probably be the cover.

Paul's also blogged about this piece and re-imagined it as a book-cover, which it could so easily be...

Meanwhile, Massacre's regular artist has not been leaving the field of re-animated corpses untrampled either. Steve's zombie strip for Nicolas Wilson is now available here:

Survival: New Corpse Smell

For those that love their special features, you should also check out Steve's sketches and the text version of the story.

Sunday, 2 November 2008

And a Third Thing...

We're now confirmed attendees at:

The Thing is taking place at London Mile End on Saturday March 28th 2009. This will be our third consecutive year exhibiting and it's always a great showcase for indie comics. The bigger conventions such as Bristol and Birmingham mix up the big names with the small fish and it can mean that whilst those events are great too, many of the visitors are not really into the wild side of comics. At the Thing everyone who goes knows what they're in for.

Mr Thing has done a great job on the show website this year, and he's maintained the tradition of the home page displaying a random picture from any of the exhibitors. Our random picture is this one:


You may notice it's from our contribution to last year's Thing Anthology. That's because we don't have any art available for this year yet. Steve's still working on a strip for Futurequake but hopefully he'll finish that soon and move on to Massacre stuff again.

I love the Anthology, it's a real plus for the show and it's really nice to see your work in a high-quality colour book. This year I suggested the theme, which is "Mars", and have already penned our contribution, which is a change of direction for us but also really in keeping with the whole Massacre ethos.

Roll on March 28th!