Saturday, 8 January 2011

Massacre For Boys 2011

It's been a while since I had any concrete MFB news to post and we are not really ready to break that run yet :(

Our next comic is still going to be Massacre For Boys Back in Action, an anthology title to follow up 2009's Massacre For Boys in Colour. It's been delayed due to Steve's success as a colourist but definitely will happen and will certainly feature a brand new Walking Wounded story called Blackshirts of Exmoor and a brand new Crusader tale called Spoonful of Honey. Also confirmed is another outing for Bosher's Goals, but we'll probably put that online first because the format works so well for a web strip. Steve's written a second episode of Badland Rules and I would also expect that to make it in.

I can't currently comment on whether Jimmy Baker Animal Hatmaker will feature, but it's certainly possible, and we do have at least one other strip provisionally planned to go in about which I can say almost nothing.

Peering further into the future, the next full issue of Walking Wounded is still going to be Reach For The Sky and it's highly likely to appear in 2012, even allowing for Olympic fever.

Outside the confines of MFB both Steve and I continue to be active on other comics. I'm currently working with David Frankum on a very exciting strip and Steve is bang in the middle of illustrating another script for our friends at Futurequake Press. He's also working on some very exciting projects, one or more of which will hopefully make it a year to remember...