Thursday, 27 June 2013

Third Crusade

Ah now, you probably expected this one.

Yes, The Crusader is back in "Spoonful of Jam". Once again, the legendary Bolt-01 is on art duties. Bolt is one of the most influential creators currently working on the British indy scene. He famously runs Futurequake Press alongside his compadre, Richmond Clements. We're delighted with Bolt's work on this strip and know that you will be, too.

I can promise returning characters, guns, knives, romance, and lots of action. Also lettering and colour, but that comes later.

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Hats Off

We are edging closer towards publication now, and with that in mind here's a panel from... well you can guess:

Yes, it's an animal in a hat, and that can only mean that Jimmy Baker Animal Hatmaker is back! This time the mighty Owen Watts is on art duties, and it's fair to say he is doing a truly amazing job!

Owen, of course, needs no introduction, but for formality's sake I will say that he is the editor of The Psychedelic Journal of Time Travel (which regenerated from the equally incredible Doctor WTF), runs the 2000AD Forum art competition, is a noted artist, letterer and colourist and is Crazy Like A Fox.

This will be Owen's second foray into the world of Massacre For Boys, and after doing a great job colouring Blackshirts of Exmoor for the Action Special, anyone who isn't excited to see what he does for us in Picture Library has a pretty severe lack of taste.