Saturday, 1 June 2013

Hats Off

We are edging closer towards publication now, and with that in mind here's a panel from... well you can guess:

Yes, it's an animal in a hat, and that can only mean that Jimmy Baker Animal Hatmaker is back! This time the mighty Owen Watts is on art duties, and it's fair to say he is doing a truly amazing job!

Owen, of course, needs no introduction, but for formality's sake I will say that he is the editor of The Psychedelic Journal of Time Travel (which regenerated from the equally incredible Doctor WTF), runs the 2000AD Forum art competition, is a noted artist, letterer and colourist and is Crazy Like A Fox.

This will be Owen's second foray into the world of Massacre For Boys, and after doing a great job colouring Blackshirts of Exmoor for the Action Special, anyone who isn't excited to see what he does for us in Picture Library has a pretty severe lack of taste.

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