Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Saturday, 20 December 2008

The Colour of Money

With 2008 drawing to a close, we've been making good progress on Massacre for Boys in Colour #1. I have completed my script for a new Walking Wounded mini-adventure and Steve has been prepping some of the other material we're shoving in at no extra charge.

Our web strip Bosher's Goals: Hands on the Trophy has never appeared in print and we both feel it deserves to and that MFBIC is the perfect opportuntity to set that right. To complement the story, Steve's produced a new Bosher pinup:

Bosher in black & white

But wait, that's not in colour! Surely everything in a comic called "Massacre For Boys in Colour" should be well, in colour. Damn right:

Bosher Le Fizz

A very Merry Christmas or if you prefer, Happy Holidays to one and all.

Sunday, 14 December 2008

Whatever Happened to Massacre For Boys?

Ah, hello again.

Bit of a gap since the last post, due to a few non-comics issues, not least the fact my appendix rather inconveniently decided to burst! Still, a rather hastily convened operation fixed that little problem, and I'm up and about again now.

Our plans for next year have changed somewhat. As Walking Wounded #3 is in no way going to be ready for the Thing we've decided to push that back and put the finishing touches to Massacre For Boys in Colour #1 instead. This is, as regular blog visitors will recall, our anthology title that we've been slow-cooking for a long time, and that we're now almost ready to sign off on.

As a late addition we're adding a new Walking Wounded strip inspired by Paul Harrison-Davies' zombie pinup. I'm just polishing the script now. This will be in addition to the already announced wonders we have in the pipeline, including an exclusive massacre-style superhero adventure, The Crusader: Honey Trap with art by Bolt-01 and colours by Richmond Clements.

In other news, Steve has finished art duties on his latest Futurequake assignment. I'm hoping to post some examples soon...