Monday, 13 May 2013

The Emus Are Coming!

I can now confirm that Massacre For Boys Picture Library will feature the debut of Walking Wounded: Emu War by Chris Denton & Bhuna.

It gives me great pleasure to welcome Bhuna to the fold. He's been one of the top small press artists for a while now and both Steve and I were over the moon when he agreed to contribute his talents to our publication. You can tell he's the right artist for the job simply from this sketch of the flightless beaked menace:

Emu War is an historically accurate rendition of the deadly fight between the Australian army and a rampaging superherd of emus in 1932 that also details the not quite so historically accurate early years of William "Dog" Tired.

You can see more recent examples of Bhuna's work, including some great Slaine pin-ups and a first look at the young Dog here.

Massacre For Boys Picture Library will be out before Ragnarok, I promise!

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