Friday, 11 January 2013

Lovecraft Anthology 2

Over Christmas I tweeted my thoughts on the second Self Made Hero Lovecraft Anthology. You probably missed it. I think everybody missed it. (Well, I know Pat Mills read one of them, but I did tag him when I reviewed his story, so I am not sure that counts.) In any case, here they are again, collected for your perusement:

Introduction: Here we go then, single tweet reviews of each story in The Lovecraft Anthology volume eleven (or possibly two)...

Pickman's Model by Delano & Pugh. Nice and punchy, if not 100% effective. Reminded me of the Revolver horror special.

The Temple by Lackey & Salmon. Yeah, now this is the stuff. Classic Lovecraft, with shades of Das Boot and The Keep.

From Beyond by Camus & Fructus. Creepy, but errs on the psychedelic side. I like my Lovecraft a bit more subtle.

He by McPherson & Peart-Smith. The script probably doesn't quite work, the ending is too abrupt, but the art is fine.

The Hound by Fifer & Baugh. Another highlight. Conan Doyle take note, this is how to do creepy dogs.

The Nameless City by Mills & Futaki. Mountains of Madness in minature. I liked it well enough.

The Picture in the House by Dickson and McMahon. Totally genius, as you might expect from McMahon. This stupid ending is Lovecraft's fault!

The Festival by Spurrier & Timson. Another throwback to 90s horror comics, and another success. Very Christmassy too. Well, sort of!

Statement of Randolph Carter by Lockwood & Cadwell. A very famous story. Not a bad job, but the punchline is mangled, a massive shame.

Conclusion: every strip is good, a few are great. A fine book, roll on volume one hundred and eleven (or three, if you prefer).

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