Saturday, 26 March 2011

Sisters of Grud 2

Unlike the first Ezquerra tribute strip which I basically scribbled on the back of an envelope (and Steve rightly ignored my panel layouts for), I approached Sisters of Grud using my usual writing method. I had the idea for a Necropolis mini-sequel which I plotted, then wrote breakdowns for before doing the full script. It seems to work well as a pastiche of 90s Wagner but I know it's not really Dredd. He's a character only Wagner can write.

The art is lovely reflecting the respect Steve has for Carlos, but also his potential to step up to 2000AD duties himself. The letters are by Nikki Foxrobot, the first time she's worked on one of my scripts and I very much hope not the last!


daveyfrankum said...

Tasty as pies. Very cool indeed. I'm in awe of panel one on page two. A lovely piece of story telling by you both :)

Steve Denton said...

Thanks David, I’ve seen your ‘wire frames’ for Pagans Blood and it looks like it’s going to be bloody impressive!