Monday, 31 May 2010

The Second Crusade

With the convention season over for the moment, it's time to get our heads down and work on the next comic. In our case this will be Massacre For Boys: Back In Action.

In fact we're already at quite an advanced stage. Here's the pencilled, inked and lettered first page of the new Crusader story that will appear in BIA, all three tasks performed with admirable skill by the multi-talented Indy-press Overlord, Bolt-01:


Steve's just polished off a Badland Rules sequel script which has gone to a brand new artist. More details on this one to follow.

My other contributions to the issue are already written (principally new Walking Wounded and Bosher strips) so I am currently working on something else before I switch back to the Massacre universe and Walking Wounded: Reach For The Sky.

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