Sunday, 18 April 2010

Election 2010

The Eagle Awards seem to be back.

Nominations are now being sought, but as this only covers comics published in 2009 we are a bit screwed. Our 2009 publication was Massacre For Boys In Colour, and the "In Colour" suffix puts us up against the big British boys, such as 2000AD.

In my wildest dreams I don't anticipate us beating 2000AD.

Therefore this year I am not actively seeking nominations for Massacre For Boys, but instead backing Futurequake. It really is high time Futurequake won the British black and white category so please make full use of your democratic rights and Vote Futurequake.

Meanwhile, Unicon is just 6 days away.

On the Massacre table, as well as Eagle award nominated Walking Wounded and not Eagle award nominated Massacre For Boys in Colour we'll be carrying Zarjaz! and Dogbreath too. There's a pretty good case for Eagle awarding nominating these two as well, think of them as the Lib Dems of British black & white comics.

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