Sunday, 28 March 2010

Thing 2010 Uncovered

On Saturday 27th March 2010 Steve and I attended the UK Web & Mini Comix Thing in London's murder-heavy east end.

We had table 45 and set it up to look like this:


Our neighbour for the day was the hugely talented Rob Jackson:


We even sold one of his comics for him, that's how neighbourly we were!

Astonishingly the benovolence didn't end there as I was allocated an hour's "volunteer" duty manning the show entrance counter. It was an hour spent in the company of none other than Woodrow Phoenix. During this time I learnt about Woodrow's acclaimed graphic novel, Rumble Strip and also that you take a lot more money selling entrance tickets than you do selling comics.

Steve is a big fan of Woodrow's and so he was rather jealous:


See. Jealous. In fact Steve later purchased his own copy of Rumble Strip and must have simultaneously done a good job pimping our stuff to Woodrow because he later came over and bought the lot!

Another highlight was the taped interview we gave Mike Leader. Hopefully the stuff we said made some sort of sense.

As always with the Thing there was an abundance of great material on show. It's hard to beat work like The Bedsit Journal, Tozo and Hope For The Future, to name but three.

Sales wise we did okay, if not amazingly. Probably a little down on last year, but nothing too concerning. We'll certainly be back next year with Massacre For Boys: Back In Action....


Mike Leader said...

Chaps, it was a pleasure to meet you at the Thing. I've come back to an intimidating pile of work, but I'm hoping to get the audio up somewhere very soon.

Thanks for the plug!


tozo said...

Gents - thanks for the mention, and for your support previously. You're one of the (sadly) many tables I meant to come back to as per usual. However, just ordered Massacre - looking forward to it!

clergyman said...

Mike - it was a pleasure to meet you too. Look forward to seeing/hearing the interview!

tozo - always happy to plug the good stuff! Thanks very much for the order, hope to get the comic sent out today. Hope you like it!