Sunday, 12 July 2009

Quiet Times

Not much to report on the MFB front this week.

Great news elsewhere, however, that Crusader Colourist and British comics luminary Richmond Clements is making his professional writing debut. Well done, Rich!

Oh and I was quite taken with Paul Harrison-Davies' latest Astrodog pinup. A little bit similar to the Massacre For Boys contribution to the Thing 2009 anthology. Surely, the British conquest of space must be about to begin...


paulhd said...

Glad you liked the pic. Hope it's not too similar to your cover - you got a link to it?

clergyman said...

Hey Paul!

The Mars strip's not online yet but here's a snap of the Mars poster in action at the Thing:

paulhd said...

Phew, not too similar then. Nice work, lovely colours.
BTW sorry I didn't drop by at the Bristol con, I goofed and didn't realise the small press bit was in another hotel.

clergyman said...

Not that similar indeed!

No problem about Bristol which was kind of weird - we didn't really see anyone.

The SP Expo was perhaps a little remote from the main event. Still we had a lovely venue and Kevin O'Neil, so not all bad!

paulhd said...

found bristol odd too, not as big and bustling as i expected. No sign saying the small press bit was at a nearby hotel and a pretty small sp bit itself was a bit rubbish. But then i hadn't realised it was actually two seperate cons. Hopefully brum and leeds will be better