Sunday, 19 October 2008

Zombies Zombies Zombies

Massacre artist Steven Denton writes...

When I’m moonlighting outside of my role on Massacre for Boys I like to challenge myself with all manner of strips and collaborations. One of my more lengthy recent collaborations had been with Nicolas Wilson, who’s web strip Survival is of interest to any fan of zombie action, but is not the strip that kicked off our creative endeavours. No, well over a year ago now I placed an ad on Digital Webbing looking for a collaborator on a fantasy comic I wanted to crank out at high speed to take my mind off my messed up little life. Out of the masses of replies I got 2 writers struck me as being genuinely good and Nic’s pitch included a monkey, everything is better with monkeys.

For quite a while we developed the idea for a fantasy comic but due to the simple size of the undertaking (no cranking out unfortunately) it remains in the development stage. This is probably quite a familiar tale in self publishing, big ideas seemingly going nowhere, and I’m sure I’ll talk about it again later. For now, however, what is important isn’t what we haven’t done but what we have. What we have done is a six page Zombie story, all completed lettered polished and good to go. New corpse smell (spunk apparently, read the strip and you’ll know why I said that) is the tale of one man and his hatchet.


Due of the collapse of the global economy Nic hasn’t been particularly contactable recently and I’m pretty sure he doesn’t have much in the way of free time on his hands. The small press is about the long game, projects fail if you give up when they seem like they are going nowhere and you never get anything done if you can’t find a way. I’m sure that our fantasy comic will see the light of day eventually and mostly I’m sure of it because no one is getting paid.


Bolt-01 said...

Hey Steve- is the strip available at all?

Steve Denton said...

Nic will put it on his website sometime soon I think(although he hasn't told me exactly what he's up too with it.) if he doesn't post it any time soon I'll put it on flikr and give you the link.